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Which is The Most Reliable Audi? (Don't Buy an Audi Until You Watch This!)

Published on Mar 21, 2018 139,747 views
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Thinking about buying an Audi?
Find out in this video which is the best Audi for your!

Best Engine Oils For Audi (Volkswagen Group)

Motul 5W40 -
Castrol Edge 0W40 -
Castrol Edge 5W40 -
Liqui Molly 5W40 -

Castrol Edge 5W30 - VW504.00 / VW507.00
Liqui Moly -

Video Gear

Main Camera - Panasonic DMC G7 -
Lens - Lumix 25mm ASPH f1.7 -
Second Camera - GoPro 5 Session -
Audio Recorder - Zoom H4n Pro -
Condenser Microphone - Audio Technica AT2020 -
Headphones - Audio Technica M50x -
Microphone Arm - Neewer -


Music - Chuki Beats - Alone
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  • Chris konte
    Chris konte 4 місяці тому 3:26 I thought the A2 is a pretty reliable car.. I mean not the best, but I thougt a A2 would be great as a first car with 75hp nothing bad should happen..Well I thought that :(
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    Matt 5 місяців тому you're probably just an inbred
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    With Style 5 місяців тому youre joking right? i watched the whole video on 2x because he talks so slow
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    bst4r TV 1 тиждень тому Great Video : What you suggest in 3.0 TDI tiptronic quatro I mean how much km should I buy maximum with ? I mean how long they run usually reliable ?
  • Jeff Banks
    Jeff Banks 6 місяців тому 1.8 20v turbo was an amazing vag engine 👍🏻
  • hidconceptcom
    hidconceptcom 3 місяці тому When it comes an audi, it can be hit or miss.
  • Muhammed Yorulmaz
    Muhammed Yorulmaz 1 тиждень тому what do you think about the 2008 audi a6 2.0 tfsi multitronic
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    Huh Mann 1 місяць тому Luxury Luxury Luxury... I need a RELIABLE LUXURY CAR
  • Giovanni Olomo
    Giovanni Olomo 7 місяців тому I would really like to know your thoughts on the SQ5. I am trying to decide vs the BMW X4.. Thanks
  • intexpltd
    intexpltd 6 місяців тому Thanks for the review, how about an a8 L hybrid 2014 ? Has less than 70000 km and I'd like to buy it. Cheers
  • Cars_of_Alaska_
    Cars_of_Alaska_ 2 місяці тому No all S cars are reliable, well at least B5 S4s. I love my S4 but I have to admit the 2.7 V6 is not super reliable😂
  • Richard
    Richard 4 місяці тому 7 speed dual clutch in the 2017+ Q5 2.0TDI reliable? Is it wet or dry clutch? Expected lifespan in klms if serviced as recommended?
  • that one guy
    that one guy 5 місяців тому I have an audi a5 3.0 v6 tdi quattro..No issues Also I have a audi a6 2.0 tdi needed new clutch and flywheel but otherwise no issues
  • ewanok
    ewanok 4 місяці тому (змінено) Avoid pre-2008 multitronics like the plague. They are a great fwd alternative to bmw/merc, who really struggle with snow, if you don't want the added expense of quattro. Audi are probably the best fwd cars out there.
  • Dave 77
    Dave 77 8 місяців тому Nice stuff dude. Imi place ca le-ai zis "bulletproof" 😂 Fain.
  • Justin Y Not.
    Justin Y Not. 1 рік тому 1.9L Miles from CarTrottle 420k miles “High Mileage Hero”
  • Igor Jozefszoon
    Igor Jozefszoon 9 місяців тому Hi there, great clip, thanks! Looking for a 2012+ A5 sportsback gasoline. Is the 2.8 or 3.0 automatic engine also good?
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    AJyfm700R 5 місяців тому Next video, hit a blund first.
  • Ivan Stoyanov
    Ivan Stoyanov 4 місяці тому No mention about 2.0 TDI BLB BRE with upgraded oil pump or balance shaft delete with a regular oil pump?