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New Audi A6 2019 review – see why it's better than a BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class!

Published on May 19, 2018 1,502,279 views
ns mahi animasyon videoları en pahalı pizza самые смешные ролики

This is the all-new Audi A6. This new executive saloon comes stocked full of brand-new tech and sophisticated style, but has it got what it takes to compete with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class? Watch my latest review to find out!

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  • blean
    blean 1 рік тому His attempt to make jokes is way funnier than his actual jokes .
  • Jeff Bezos
    Jeff Bezos 1 місяць тому I was looking for your comment
  • Martin Stanev
    Martin Stanev 1 рік тому (змінено) Can't wait until 2029 when it will be affordable :D
  • MTR
    MTR 5 днів тому 2016
  • Tomas Drazan
    Tomas Drazan 1 тиждень тому enjoy your fake exhausts
    NOBBERT 1 місяць тому Ian Purcell Electric car will never work, there a complete scam for sheep
  • George Costanza
    George Costanza 2 місяці тому I drive MB’s and Bimmers, but I’m not disillusioned about their reliability like many German car fanboys are. Put it this way: if civilization was compromised and all you had access to was gas and oil... that is, no spare parts, service departments, or factory trained technicians to rely on... I’ll be relying on a Toyota (maybe a GMC).
  • Kovacevic
    Kovacevic 2 місяці тому @gad abdat have you had a skoda? I have one, extremely reliable with planty of space, nice and precise cornering with enough Grip. Though it doesn't have a lot with German Cars in common, less than a VW Engine. (Skoda Superb 2016)
  • Kai Chapter
    Kai Chapter 2 місяці тому Alleycat 31 u ok?
  • Dezrj B3ckbock
    Dezrj B3ckbock 3 місяці тому @Alleycat 31 You dont have an r8. You're 12 year old German fanboy, who needs to get some real friends instead of arguing over cars.
  • Ian Purcell
    Ian Purcell 4 місяці тому Lovely car from a company I hate.While some say they can afford it in 2029 by then electric cars will be everywhere and this car will be about as modern as a steam engine.
  • Polar
    Polar 4 місяці тому (змінено) But my grandpa's 2000 Camry still runs c:
  • Jansz v
    Jansz v 4 місяці тому My dads been running a 2007 bmw 3 series and its fine. Its only broke down twice for 12 years but he has only driven 140000 miles
  • The GOAT
    The GOAT 6 місяців тому Ricky Hernandez 100k miles is nothing
  • Ricky Hernandez
    Ricky Hernandez 6 місяців тому (змінено) @gad abdat you just plain don't know how to take care of a car and I don't blame you because 99% of the people that have any German car don't know how to take care of one they got to dealerships where they lie to you or anywhere else just work on it your on your own. I have a audi a4 103k miles nothing wrong with it
  • Daily Cric Dose
    Daily Cric Dose 6 місяців тому Hahaha 500 quid🤣
  • Daniel Bitar
    Daniel Bitar 7 місяців тому Martin Stanev in like 4 yrs bro
  • gad abdat
    gad abdat 11 місяців тому Alex Allison u are also 100000000000% wrong.german cars are nice to look at but extremely unreliable.had a merc c180 and audi a4..was a nightmare..endless excruciating pain and suffering.eveything just fall apart after 40-80k miles.changed to a toyota and i sleep well every night.problem solved and i live happily ever after.
  • Alleycat 31
    Alleycat 31 11 місяців тому Tony x r u kidding me we will see more American cars in the junky’s then German cars it’s a proven fact my Audi’s last way longer then your piece of shit Chevy that’s a money pit
  • Alleycat 31
    Alleycat 31 11 місяців тому George Puyol u are 100000000% wrong a 10 year old car will still run in a decent shape it’s not hard to take care of a car why would u bash Audi man not cool look at American cars all of them are shit and they all fall apart German engineering is key to success buddy next time keep your words to your self or we will have a 1 on 1 on the race track with my Audi R8 V10 Plus and see who’s really boss
  • BubbleBlastGaming
    BubbleBlastGaming 1 рік тому You are an idiot
  • Tony
    Tony 1 рік тому Martin Stanev in 2029 you can find those car at scrapyard
  • Iuhshwth
    Iuhshwth 1 рік тому +George Puyol No need to prove you are wrong, it's a fact it will.
  • Randominator
    Randominator 1 рік тому None of these will still run in 2029
  • Ryan Nata
    Ryan Nata 2 місяці тому I find carwow is much more entertaining than today's top gear lol mat jokes is gold 🤣
  • Ryan Nata
    Ryan Nata 1 місяць тому @Mr. Savage did i said an old top gear? What a pillock
  • Mr. Savage
    Mr. Savage 1 місяць тому Ryan Nata mat watson may be really entertaining, but he aint no jezza
  • adert thompson
    adert thompson 10 місяців тому So why it's better than a BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class? Or the title was just a click bait?
  • JEZZER-99
    JEZZER-99 3 дні тому adert thompson BEGONE THOT
  • japanwatchconnection
    japanwatchconnection 2 тижні тому This Audi A6 doesn’t drive as well as the 5 Series and is neither as refined nor luxurious as the MB E-Class. Remember that Matt is a Audi fanboy and most reviewers would disagree with his opinions here...
  • Yorick Schotanus
    Yorick Schotanus 1 місяць тому adert thompson they said see
  • Octane
    Octane 1 рік тому Press f to pay respect to Moses
    THE VASULE 3 дні тому F
  • Random Yeete Time
    Random Yeete Time 1 місяць тому F
  • Mohammed Algamdi
    Mohammed Algamdi 1 місяць тому F
  • Pierre Curie
    Pierre Curie 3 місяці тому F
  • Maa Ny
    Maa Ny 3 місяці тому F
  • George Cy
    George Cy 7 місяців тому mohammed shakeeb last name is moses...
  • mohammed shakeeb
    mohammed shakeeb 7 місяців тому @George Cy which moses are you referring to
  • Psychopath ِ
    Psychopath ِ 8 місяців тому F
  • シTheCødyMavrick2.0ツ
    シTheCødyMavrick2.0ツ 8 місяців тому F
  • Bharatveer Singh Judge
    Bharatveer Singh Judge 1 рік тому F
  • Jordan Hill
    Jordan Hill 1 рік тому f
  • Abdul Wahaab
    Abdul Wahaab 1 рік тому F
  • sparta di unruly
    sparta di unruly 1 рік тому f...bro..RIP MOSES
  • 4wd some
    4wd some 1 рік тому F
  • George Cy
    George Cy 1 рік тому Sheikh Bitcoin ..Thank you!
  • George Cy
    George Cy 1 рік тому SR FIFA .. i am Moses
  • TheSilverGamer
    TheSilverGamer 1 рік тому SR FIFA OOFFFF.
  • technologenius.
    technologenius. 1 рік тому F
  • Johannes HJ
    Johannes HJ 1 рік тому f
  • Alex
    Alex 1 рік тому F
  • Shankar Menon
    Shankar Menon 1 рік тому D
  • Seth Guardado
    Seth Guardado 1 рік тому SR FIFA f
  • The WolfGuy
    The WolfGuy 1 рік тому F
  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 1 рік тому Rip Moses
  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 1 рік тому F
  • Dominik J.
    Dominik J. 1 рік тому #stopbullyingmoses #bald
  • Themoigt
    Themoigt 1 рік тому F
  • Ritvik Kumar
    Ritvik Kumar 1 рік тому f
  • Der Kolben
    Der Kolben 1 рік тому F
  • Vehicle Valhalla
    Vehicle Valhalla 1 рік тому SR FIFA I made a video about cars: Different Types Of Engines: A Simple But Complete Guide Did you like it?
  • Frank Lippert
    Frank Lippert 3 місяці тому When I'm King of Germany people who design fake exhaust pipes will be put against the wall.
  • Wesam Mansour
    Wesam Mansour 1 рік тому The dashboard wobbles??!! That's a huge disappointment...come on Audi you can do better than that..
  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 4 місяці тому @Glover Carvalho Looked pretty wobbly to me, or are you suggesting they've been loosening things? Fool
  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 4 місяці тому @Daniel Cox The movement of the car shakes the interior?
  • Yoko Ritona
    Yoko Ritona 4 місяці тому @Ib7 h it is
  • Ib7 h
    Ib7 h 4 місяці тому @Yoko Ritona that's not true
  • David Miletič
    David Miletič 10 місяців тому I could not believe it... We use to own a 2002 A6, and you could split wood on that dashboard. This is reeeealy disapointing asd makes me want to look toward mercedes and BMW... what the hell is theyr quality control doing these days?
  • Ian Norman
    Ian Norman 1 рік тому (змінено) J That’s wrong. Audi doesn’t always win, in a lot of Carwow reviews with Audi against Volvo and BMW often, either the Volvo or BMW win. And in 2016 BMW was ranked 5th (out of 31) for overall reliability by Consumer Reports. No question that Audi makes quality cars, but many would argue that Audi is crippled by Volkswagens ownership.
  • V.Vega
    V.Vega 1 рік тому deziking Yea obviously that's why vag is the largest auto manufacturer in the world.
  • V.Vega
    V.Vega 1 рік тому Dude any dashboard will move if you grab it and wiggle it around lol
  • deziking
    deziking 1 рік тому Audi/Vw are biggest lemon cars on the road.
  • mada
    mada 1 рік тому Early production examples might include these flaws. Relax and watch Audi taking over BMW and Mercedes in each class.
  • TheSilverGamer
    TheSilverGamer 1 рік тому CUTS, CUTS, CUTS!
  • Glover Carvalho
    Glover Carvalho 1 рік тому That's BS, the dashboard doesn't wobble at all, I've been in one, and I can tell you that the build quality is top notch. This is so biased
  • mada
    mada 1 рік тому Jack, your last words summarize the whole thing: "How could you even criticize this car if you haven’t driven it". And that's all. That's what Audi, BMW and Mercedes haters suffer most.
  • Jack
    Jack 1 рік тому Yoko Ritona Are you done ranting yet? You’re acting as if BMW and Mercedes have no flaws, they do, BMW’s are the worst for reliability and Mercedes are just ostentatious, and in the real world Audi interiors are the highest quality, they’re also leading the way with technology and in everyday use Audi’s are just more practical. Watch any other carwow rivalry with Audi and they win 99% of the time. How could you even criticize this car if you haven’t driven it, It’s not even on sale yet.
  • julianlee2
    julianlee2 1 рік тому audi is just a vw with a nicer badge.
  • Sunriser
    Sunriser 1 рік тому (змінено) Probably is related to the fact that the dashboard is one long piece and not a bunch of interconnected ones so it should shake more easily
  • Cooper 2004
    Cooper 2004 1 рік тому A true petrol-head cos people are too polite to say what they really think. YouTube gives people anonymity. They can say what the hell they like, if u don’t like it, stay off YouTube and find people that will pretend to agree with u, not to cause awkwardness or embarrassment.
  • Cooper 2004
    Cooper 2004 1 рік тому What do you expect from a skoda
  • kwl189
    kwl189 1 рік тому (змінено) Yoko Ritona yep. They’re going too far now imo. Greedy buggers. I’m so turned off by the sheer greed of it all. They’ll survive me not buying their cars but sooner than later even the rich folk with more money than sense will see these cars for what they are. Overpriced pieces of junk shined, prettied up and badged. Customer service is so bad its laughable. I’m struggling to see the point of buying german now. The stereotype of buying german goes out the window now for me. Savage geese does a marvellous video on this which I wished everyone could see.
  • Yoko Ritona
    Yoko Ritona 1 рік тому yeah dealership costs are unaffordable for 99% of people on every big german brand. i drive a bmw e92 and they wanted 1000 euro for changing all 4 brake pads. 1000!? in a normal repair garage i pay like 600 bucks for all 4.. thats almolst half the price. imagine if i would do it myself :D the material it self costs around 60-70 bucks per wheel so i would pay no more then 250-300 euro.
  • kwl189
    kwl189 1 рік тому Yoko Ritona ultimately not surprising though. The VAG as a whole is going down the pan. The good stuff is overpriced these days. With all these computers slammed inside them these cars will always be fallible to poor software. Maybe I’m being hard on them but thats certainly the perception in all the garages I visit. Difficult and expensive to repair and thats at an independent garage! Imagine the maintenance costs or repair bills at the dealership!?
  • Yoko Ritona
    Yoko Ritona 1 рік тому no matter in what situation the fact that it does just shows that its bad quality. and like it already was said, after time it shakes when u drive over wobbles or when u drive fast. its just pathetic that audi lost so much quality.
  • Jam H
    Jam H 1 рік тому My 1991 Mercedes has a better dashboard 😂
  • Riiiisc
    Riiiisc 1 рік тому Daniel Cox after time it will start to shake on bumps
  • Daniel Cox
    Daniel Cox 1 рік тому Wesam Mansour who sits around and shaked their dashboard while driving?
  • Yoko Ritona
    Yoko Ritona 1 рік тому and what cars do 99% of audi customers drive? cars with under 500nm..
  • derHERRderVIERringe
    derHERRderVIERringe 1 рік тому Yoko Ritona only the engines with less then 500 nm use quattro ultra
  • Yoko Ritona
    Yoko Ritona 1 рік тому audis last halfway good generation was the one until 2017, the new ones are junk, audi had MASSIVE cost cuttings and their new cars doesnt even use the quattro system anymore. fwd shit cars with a fake quattro, no thx.
  • Jeremy Ku
    Jeremy Ku 1 рік тому Audi : My grill is bigger than your grill! Lexus : Oh yeah?
  • manofglass _
    manofglass _ 7 місяців тому I still prefer the E class even if you hype this car ..
  • Duo Motovlog
    Duo Motovlog 1 рік тому Welcome to beautiful Portugal ✌️🇵🇹
  • sharmini bavaneethan
    sharmini bavaneethan 2 місяці тому @МиљковићSRB ?????????????? yeh
  • Diogo Pinto
    Diogo Pinto 2 місяці тому @Sedna S isto é no parque de alpendurada- Penafiel- Porto
  • John S
    John S 1 рік тому water gave it away haha
  • Marjia Khatun
    Marjia Khatun 1 рік тому Duo Motovlog until
  • Rui d'Sousa
    Rui d'Sousa 1 рік тому We're the best ! :D
  • Luis Malaquias
    Luis Malaquias 1 рік тому МиљковићSRB Because it's such a beautiful country with great scenery
  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 1 рік тому beatifull but poor just like some similar countries in europe who live on the depth ( Greece )
  • Duo Motovlog
    Duo Motovlog 1 рік тому Gianluccas Palhuca absolutamente!
  • Lourenço
    Lourenço 1 рік тому Foram comecar a review no Pinodrómo! Melhor pais do mundo!
  • Jorge P
    Jorge P 1 рік тому Alpendorada - Marco de Canaveses
  • Jerry Mouse
    Jerry Mouse 1 рік тому Duo Motovlog Melhor País do mundoo 😍😍
  • Sedna S
    Sedna S 1 рік тому (змінено) Vi logo que era castelo de Paiva ou perto!!!
  • João S
    João S 1 рік тому Alpendurada e Matos 😉
  • Duo Motovlog
    Duo Motovlog 1 рік тому Sedna S Vale do Douro/Douro Valley
  • Sedna S
    Sedna S 1 рік тому Onde exatamente?
  • Duo Motovlog
    Duo Motovlog 1 рік тому МиљковићSRB Is beautiful, good weather and cheap ;)
  • МиљковићSRB
    МиљковићSRB 1 рік тому Why every new A6 review is in Portugal?
  • P B
    P B 1 рік тому In what appears to be the local dogging location
  • Jo Bic
    Jo Bic 1 рік тому The back end of this A6 looks a lot better than the new A8
  • Roland FullThrottle
    Roland FullThrottle 4 місяці тому Goddamn you Audi and your addictive options! Haha u crack me up,Matt 🤣🤣🤣
  • Viraj Sivaprasad
    Viraj Sivaprasad 1 рік тому (змінено) That demonstration was too funny🤣🤣🤣
  • Nekoj Nekade
    Nekoj Nekade 11 місяців тому British humor :)
  • Reveal Media
    Reveal Media 1 рік тому So basically A6, A7 and A8 are same cars as far as interior goes
  • Wangdiddy
    Wangdiddy 8 місяців тому Yumeitoアルジュン Lexus interiors look like they are from the 90s. Haha. Ugly!
  • Rick Feng
    Rick Feng 8 місяців тому And Volvo
  • Looped
    Looped 8 місяців тому @mkkeable and with mercedes
  • C D
    C D 1 рік тому BMW interiors are the worst out of all the Germans, they are basic as the Germans can get.
  • Gas Pedal Subscribe
    Gas Pedal Subscribe 1 рік тому 7 Series, 5 Series, X3, X4 are the same cars as far as interior goes.
  • Chunk
    Chunk 1 рік тому (змінено) mkkeable we are talking about the new cars
  • mkkeable
    mkkeable 1 рік тому Chunk have a look at 2009-2011 a4, q5, q7 interior/dashboard layout, it's very similar
  • Chunk
    Chunk 1 рік тому mkkeable q5 q7 a4 are different
  • Car Guy
    Car Guy 1 рік тому A5 soon.
  • Nino Latif
    Nino Latif 1 рік тому mkkeable I don't agree with you. You can check the audi a8, had a different interior from a6 and a7. The gear changer especially..
  • soundseeker63
    soundseeker63 1 рік тому Not just interiors. Chassis, engines, electronics..... and more! The VAG ethos is to use as many common parts as possible in different bodies to save costs, which they can then spend on high quality materials and product development. Many other makers use similar strategies, BMW for instance call it "cluster architecture" . But VAG are unique in using it across different brands....some components are shared between Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and even Porsche! Gearboxes, engines and safety equipment for example. Even the Bentley Bentayga has parts in common with the Audi Q7!
  • Femi Ogunsola
    Femi Ogunsola 1 рік тому Jasper Except Cadillac
  • Kshitij Badve
    Kshitij Badve 1 рік тому The A8 is more luxurious and it has a lounge type area in the rear, but the A6 and the A7 are basically the same thing.
  • sandro mrkic
    sandro mrkic 1 рік тому mkkeable only diffrence in the audi a8 is the back seats and that vip and ceo feeling so you have so much more comfort in the a8
  • Champagne davy
    Champagne davy 1 рік тому The A7 and A8 are bigger pinwheel base versions of the a6
  • Will Hale
    Will Hale 1 рік тому Lost in Tennessee my next car is the volvo xc40 suv
  • Chatta290
    Chatta290 1 рік тому mkkeable no they didn’t. The interiors and the exteriors were varied enough but not anymore. We were going to upgrade from the A6 to the A8 and it was very different
  • michael
    michael 1 рік тому How has this become a conversation? Some like unique interiors and some aren't so bothered. Manufactures study the market and compromise for profit, present and future. People state their opinions for incremental influence on the market. There's no point deceiving yourself that someone's opinion is wrong. Opinions create their own validity in the commercial market.
  • Lost in Tennessee
    Lost in Tennessee 1 рік тому This can backfire, I’m an Audi guy and was given a Q5 loaner and it had the same interior as my S4. If I was in the market for a suv I’d go for a Volvo because there wouldn’t be anything special about a Q5.
  • arda kaya
    arda kaya 1 рік тому What's the problem with that ? All the volvos look the same inside and outside and nobody complains.
  • Tomislav Zvonimir
    Tomislav Zvonimir 1 рік тому Reveal Media Bmw has same interior for all models 15 years already lol.
  • Cristi Cristi
    Cristi Cristi 1 рік тому BMW designers would laugh seeing your comment.
  • Flamur Beqiri
    Flamur Beqiri 1 рік тому They have the same interior but really different features.
  • BEEF
    BEEF 1 рік тому The A8 was completely different.
  • Adi Adr
    Adi Adr 1 рік тому Well good morning... all cars do the same to their models... you realize that in fucking 2018?
  • salih komut
    salih komut 1 рік тому like the mercedes cls, A class , S class, E class
  • Yumeitoアルジュン
    Yumeitoアルジュン 1 рік тому mkkeable ikr. Genesis and Lexus have really started to up their interior game
  • Jasper
    Jasper 1 рік тому That’s right, but most car makers do that.
  • mkkeable
    mkkeable 1 рік тому You are absolutely right! I get it , it's simple economics that the same interior is fitted into every model , maybe fitted with softer padded plastics into the more higher end models. However it doesn't cut for me, I used to be an audi fan til they introduced these next gen a6,a7,a8,q7 ... for me Lexus has started to really produce fascinating and unique interior designs for all of their vehicles.
  • Simon Vuille
    Simon Vuille 1 рік тому mkkeable Same with Mercedes also, but that’s not an issue they all make great interiors.
  • mkkeable
    mkkeable 1 рік тому Reveal Media if you look the previous gen a6,7 and 8 they had the same interior as well, audis have always copied their interiors in all of their line up q5,q7,a4,a6... It's the same case in BMW's though.
  • Mohammad Arabsson
    Mohammad Arabsson 1 рік тому (змінено) Can't wait to see the RS6 avant. Audi 👌❤❤❤❤
  • All about Games
    All about Games 9 місяців тому he meant new rs6
  • Apple Bee
    Apple Bee 1 рік тому Isn't it already out. It's not that old.
  • Goerge Ibrahim
    Goerge Ibrahim 10 місяців тому I'll buy one after 10 years collecting money
  • Filip Leszczyński
    Filip Leszczyński 1 рік тому (змінено) Renault has rear wheel steer from 2005 soo yea 4CONTROL
  • Josh Charlie
    Josh Charlie 1 рік тому Gorgeous car. Audi have really aced the A6, which is great considering how disappointing I thought the A8 looked.
  • Luke Mani
    Luke Mani 9 місяців тому been watching your reviews of late and of course have subscribed. You do an amazing work. I just love your review style. Cheers!
  • GaminG ChanneL_AL
    GaminG ChanneL_AL 1 рік тому (змінено) Next video: 2018 BMW 5 SERIES REVIEW. SEE WHY IS BETTER THAN AN AUDI A6 AND MERCEDES E CLASS😂😂😂