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Published on Jun 19, 2017 185,088 views
sina demi lovato drug overdose ли кей All I Need Is U! (Wiggle)

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  • Tbilisi_Warrior
    Tbilisi_Warrior 1 рік тому I thought he was Hispanic/ European until he took off his glasses and realized he’s Asian haha
  • T K
    T K 8 місяців тому Lot of races mix .. lol that’s how new races are made
  • Michael carson
    Michael carson 9 місяців тому Most random comment hahaha
  • FreezyGrizzly
    FreezyGrizzly 1 рік тому the video is like " hey yo i have no idea about engines but the car makes brum and looks good"
  • Thomas Rock
    Thomas Rock 1 рік тому Gotta stop skipping leg day.
  • Lovely Jubbly
    Lovely Jubbly 1 рік тому Hahaha
  • John Ward
    John Ward 1 рік тому Thomas Rock bitch
  • NMEofdaST8
    NMEofdaST8 1 рік тому (змінено) Great review man. Got an A6 myself, best way to close the cupholder at 7:05 is by pressing the center part (stick thing) all the way then it locks in, after that close the flap.
  • Tactical Scout
    Tactical Scout 1 рік тому Nice review! Entertaining to watch. Like your style!
  • Throttle
    Throttle 1 рік тому Appreciate the support man!
  • Kenneth Norris
    Kenneth Norris 11 місяців тому Once you sit in the s5 there is no going back
  • The Nhan Vuong
    The Nhan Vuong 1 рік тому Nice review! Btw, you get chrome tips with the S-line exterior pack :)
  • schnibbyy
    schnibbyy 1 рік тому Good, informational video. Would recommend using a tripod and attaching a mic to your body for better audio.
  • SuperMrBentley
    SuperMrBentley 6 місяців тому Lovely Audi.... Way better design than the new a5
  • Nathan Mach
    Nathan Mach 2 місяці тому Utah??🤣🤣 I'm in Utah as well
  • on'n
    on'n 1 рік тому Thinking of biting on a 2014 a5 prem plus at 33000 miles for 17k. Thoughts
  • Pj Sun
    Pj Sun 1 рік тому razah javed im talking about US dollars buddy. 20k pounds is a lot more in usd.
  • Trapping all Day
    Trapping all Day 1 рік тому Not really you can get a Audi A5 s line Quattro 2017 for 20,000 in the uk probably 4k miles or lesss that’s w great deal
  • Pj Sun
    Pj Sun 1 рік тому on'n that's a really good deal . What state?
  • RSguideX
    RSguideX 11 місяців тому great vid hope u get 100k + subs
  • Adam Wensten
    Adam Wensten 5 місяців тому It’s crazy that you can get this car used for only $20,000
  • Mystkal Diamond
    Mystkal Diamond 1 місяць тому 8k in the uk 15k for a
  • E Lewis
    E Lewis 1 рік тому Good video but the rear cup holders have a center piece that you push the entire frame into. You don’t have to hold both sides lol.
  • Rusty
    Rusty 5 місяців тому Why is everyone slamming on the host and what he’s wearing? The video is about THE CAR, not his clothing attire. I will say that I wish hosts of any videos would NOT wear sunglasses.
  • Rusty
    Rusty 4 місяці тому EatShitBuddy92 - LOL! You’re probably right.
  • EatShitBuddy92
    EatShitBuddy92 4 місяці тому Because there's not much to complain about on the car. Lol
  • Olivia Angel
    Olivia Angel 2 місяці тому I love my Audi S5, it is worth your money, I hope to keep and ride it till I couldn't anymore!
  • Draggy654
    Draggy654 1 місяць тому U have the stock seats the sport package makes everything way better
  • blackmixmad
    blackmixmad 3 місяці тому that's not a ipad holder it's meant to have a first aid kit
  • Robert Elbert
    Robert Elbert 6 місяців тому this review totally sucked dude!
  • Hi Cookie
    Hi Cookie 1 рік тому haha, I like this guy, nice vid