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A Big Problem with Audi's

Published on Jun 10, 2019 327 views
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In this video I discuss a big problem I've encountered with my Q5 that is epidemic across the Audi lineup. As much as I love my Audi's, are they nice enough to overlook this issue?

  • austin longenecker
    austin longenecker 2 тижні тому My parents have the 2017 Q7. It has the 3.0 as well and it’s an amazing SUV. Before the Audi, they had the BMW X5 which was considered a lemon car. Great video, Mike!
  • FL far
    FL far 2 тижні тому keep the audi q5 man, audi is audi you know what mean?
  • zuesmondo1
    zuesmondo1 2 тижні тому Love the 4runner but the practically of a highlander. Not a capable off road but you do get better fuel efficient. Mostly a more comfortable ride. The payload I believe is greater in the Highlander, and still options for third row.
  • pdx.trailerguy
    pdx.trailerguy 2 тижні тому Financially speaking, 4runner. Dollar to dollar will be stronger with the 4runner and with the added depreciation of the Audi in the next few years...than money on the 4runner you'll more likely keep more value in the Toyota (less depreciation)in that same time period.
  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 2 тижні тому i just poopd
  • Brenton
    Brenton 2 тижні тому I just bought a 2015 Audi Q5 TDI with 88k miles on it for $19k. If you know the history of your Q5, and its paid off, keep it. Drive it till it falls apart(awhile from now). Take it from someone who was trying to find a Q5 3.0t with sport package, it was impossible! You have a rare combo of options that is sought after. Ignore blue book and keep enjoying what has been a good car for you.
  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 2 тижні тому Toyota Highlander might be a good option as well, they hold value well and and probably give a more comfortable ride than the 4runner .. i currently own a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser which also has held its value well over the 6 years i have owned it but am seriously considering trading it for the Audi Q5. Most likely a 2016 with 40k miles. Plenty of them out there right now as returned lease vehicles and depreciation be damned I'm going to take the plunge .. i want an Audi!