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Audi Production, Ingolstadt

Published on Sep 25, 2017 1,442,073 views
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Learn about what goes on at Audi's largest production facility at Ingolstadt - see how Audi delivers components to the assembly line, how the Audi RS5 gets it carbon roof, and how separate components turn into completed vehicles.

  • Saimen Arthofer
    Saimen Arthofer 1 рік тому no shitty music, just raw factory sound. Love it!
  • Tancred
    Tancred 1 місяць тому i just turned on my own shitty music
  • absolute zero
    absolute zero 10 місяців тому That assembly line is cleaner then most peoples kitchens😂
  • Happy Gnome
    Happy Gnome 11 місяців тому This is where beauty, safety, power, speed and comfort was made.
  • loveranking
    loveranking 2 місяці тому 1 293 220 views for that pretty blond girl <3
  • Duffy Cunningham
    Duffy Cunningham 3 місяці тому (змінено) Comments: 1% about production plant 99% about blonde girl
  • Swisher Locobar
    Swisher Locobar 15 годин тому Love her
  • william jones
    william jones 1 місяць тому And the problem is?
  • Mudig
    Mudig 1 місяць тому It's like they've never seen a fucking blond girl in their lives.
  • Damian Chojnowski
    Damian Chojnowski 2 місяці тому nice one :) agree with you
  • Chrislszo
    Chrislszo 1 рік тому I worked there for 17 years... Was a good time!
  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 5 місяців тому Why’d u leave
  • Amer
    Amer 5 місяців тому @Morne Pretorius 1/2/3
  • Morne Pretorius
    Morne Pretorius 8 місяців тому What shifts do they work in the factory?
  • mysticpizza02
    mysticpizza02 1 рік тому It's so quiet wow
  • Magic Wind
    Magic Wind 7 місяців тому Could you please make a 24 hour video of this 6:45 girl working?
  • ʀᴀᴢᴏʀʙᴀᴄᴋɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴɪᴀ
    ʀᴀᴢᴏʀʙᴀᴄᴋɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴɪᴀ 1 місяць тому Thats not a girl but a humanoid assembly robot.
  • PhoeniX
    PhoeniX 1 місяць тому fucking pedophilia
  • Monsieur Africain
    Monsieur Africain 1 рік тому Audis look so nice, I really like them the most out of any German brand.
  • themobbkillas
    themobbkillas 11 місяців тому @Derek ur an idiot
  • ZigmaTronik
    ZigmaTronik 1 рік тому She is a hottie :)
  • ZigmaTronik
    ZigmaTronik 1 рік тому Every one has an opinion. If you dont love what you drive you are the boring person...
  • Jens Harbers
    Jens Harbers 1 рік тому The only thing i liked at the Video was the Girl at 6:23, too pretty to Work in such a factory. She should deliver Audi's to Customers. ^^
  • Derek
    Derek 1 рік тому are you on coca or lsd bruh? Do you even go outside? I am worried about your perception.
  • TheFoxfy
    TheFoxfy 1 рік тому What the f*ck ? Seriously ? Are you drunk ? Audi is maybe the only brand that has changed that much through the years.
  • Derek
    Derek 1 рік тому well there are always some ABC humans around, I agree.
  • Rainer Gahlmund
    Rainer Gahlmund 1 рік тому it didn't get boring thats the point
  • Derek
    Derek 1 рік тому because with time, every design gets boring?
  • Rainer Gahlmund
    Rainer Gahlmund 1 рік тому Why change the shapes when they are already perfect?
  • Derek
    Derek 1 рік тому who misspelled BMW?
  • Feelsqtpman
    Feelsqtpman 1 рік тому Audis look the same? you misspelled BMW
  • Monsieur Africain
    Monsieur Africain 1 рік тому Kenji Soku German cars don't drastically change their shapes. Other Auto manufacturers should take note.
  • Derek
    Derek 1 рік тому nope, compare all teh car brands you just named to 10 years ago, THEY LOOK 100 % different.........but Audi not.
  • Monsieur Africain
    Monsieur Africain 1 рік тому All BMWs have the same/similar front ends, all Lexus/Toyotas have similar/same front ends (spindle grill), all Kias have the Tiger Eye Nose Grill, all Mercedes have same/similar front ends. Which major auto manufacturer is not doing that?
  • Derek
    Derek 1 рік тому Audi is that since years, look at 10 year old audis, they look almost the same........and no not every manufacturer is doing that.
  • Monsieur Africain
    Monsieur Africain 1 рік тому Kenji Soku every manufacturer is like that these days.
  • Derek
    Derek 1 рік тому they look pretty boring.........always nearly the same.
  • Cuentos de la Cripta
    Cuentos de la Cripta 1 місяць тому 6:45 You got angels working to increase safety in your cars xD
  • Thomas Targa
    Thomas Targa 5 місяців тому I´m a proud to work in our big family - We are Audi!
  • R J
    R J 1 місяць тому A deeper appreciation and respect is given to these vehicle once you see who and how they’re assembled. Very Disciplined facility. Impressive
  • j Songs
    j Songs 1 рік тому A very nice and detailed information video
  • HELP
    HELP 3 місяці тому On peut m offrir l Audi E-TRON je suis fan d audi ;)
  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar 2 місяці тому (змінено) Audi is my first love 😍but i can't
  • Ivan 5
    Ivan 5 11 місяців тому I LOVE it. So great how we get the full sights AND sounds just like we're there, thank God there's no stupid youtuber music or anything, thank you! Fantastic video!
  • gestapo9
    gestapo9 1 рік тому sure Audi hires beautiful girls
  • ʀᴀᴢᴏʀʙᴀᴄᴋɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴɪᴀ
    ʀᴀᴢᴏʀʙᴀᴄᴋɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴɪᴀ 1 місяць тому They are not girls but humanoid assembly robots.
  • Mcc ĆËÑ4J
    Mcc ĆËÑ4J 3 місяці тому gestapo9 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that’s why there cars are beautiful I get it now
  • daniel Donoso
    daniel Donoso 3 місяці тому I want to see the girls that wash the cars... You know what i mean 😎
  • Rurushu
    Rurushu 3 місяці тому I will only buy a Audi if it comes with them for pleasure
  • Claes Gilered
    Claes Gilered 3 місяці тому Hey guys, ya all live in the forest, or just imprisoned?
  • Eduardo Villalon
    Eduardo Villalon 4 місяці тому (змінено) I’d marry her in a heartbeat ! 💗
  • feyyazcinar
    feyyazcinar 4 місяці тому This is why they produce beatiful cars.
  • InezOrtiz
    InezOrtiz 4 місяці тому @Kontras Television she actually looks polish.
  • Pawel X
    Pawel X 5 місяців тому A video about cars and everybody is commenting about a girl.
  • Kontras Television
    Kontras Television 7 місяців тому its a german girl. of course, i mean why not... the ugly ones work at the grocery store @Ceteris paribus
  • korencek
    korencek 7 місяців тому audi CEOs are also addicted to cleanliness. employess get whipped unless they clean the floor after the shift.
  • Can Yaver
    Can Yaver 7 місяців тому Ha ha. She is modelling for a promotion video of her company. I am sure that they chose the section she works just to have included her in the video and get guys like you to say that.
  • piñata klopper
    piñata klopper 11 місяців тому 619 666 555 333 111 zero zero ring ring =)
  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 11 місяців тому Yep
  • Phoenix 888
    Phoenix 888 1 рік тому Tel. Nr. from the sweety 6:30??
  • gestapo9
    gestapo9 1 рік тому so lets appreciate the beauty wherever it be.
  • alemanloco1
    alemanloco1 1 рік тому for my old company i had to visit audi a lot of times. and i was in the factory and offices. yes, many beautiful woman!
  • gestapo9
    gestapo9 1 рік тому well these girls are beautiful already. asking for more is like being lusty IMO
  • alemanloco1
    alemanloco1 1 рік тому Too sad they don't show the girls who work in their offices. There you will see nice women!!!
  • supersynchronicity1
    supersynchronicity1 1 рік тому hahah thanks got somebody else noticed that
  • Ceteris paribus
    Ceteris paribus 1 рік тому I was thinking just that lol haha
  • Kathy Nguyen
    Kathy Nguyen 10 місяців тому 🇩🇪Thanks for sharing........ ✈Good luck to Audi....💪
  • Lee wainwright
    Lee wainwright 11 місяців тому won’t buy anything else on my 3rd A4 great cars vorsprung durch technik being ahead through technology
  • Johnny 96
    Johnny 96 9 місяців тому that's why i love audi 6:23 :D she's so cute!!