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Audi S6 V10 Reliability | Things to know Before you Buy

Published on Nov 6, 2018 36,423 views
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Going over some of the basics you should know if you're interested in buying a C6 S6. Let me know in the comments your experiences with S6/S8 V10s or anything I missed. Links to more info/ great sources below.

1: General information

2: Intake Manifold Issue

3: Carbon Cleaning

  • Lawrence Head
    Lawrence Head 7 місяців тому Bit about injector flow causing carbon build up isn’t correct. Fsi is direct injection so fuel goes straight into the cylinder instead of the intake. In non direct injection engine the fuel keeps the valves clean, in direct injection you don’t get that. Carbon build up is caused by contaminants in air from PCV and EGR systems. It is a problem in direct injection engines though, not just the s6 and not just Audi.
  • Jake Peterson
    Jake Peterson 2 місяці тому @Joe S. methanol injection is the only real way to clean it
  • NatoriousGamePlay
    NatoriousGamePlay 3 місяці тому Water meth intention will steam clean the combustion chamber
  • Joe S.
    Joe S. 4 місяці тому You are correct. A way to slow this down is to install a aftermarket catch can on the pcv system.
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 7 місяців тому Interesting, thanks for the clarification.
  • Erik Marsh
    Erik Marsh 2 місяці тому This is EXACTLY the info I've been looking for since I decided to buy one of these beautiful cars. Thank you!
  • Juan Billion
    Juan Billion 2 дні тому Did you end up getting one?
  • Steve B
    Steve B 7 місяців тому Thanks, very informative! I just bought a 2008 S8, and had some initial concerns about reliability. Mine is very low mileage (@ 40K miles), so I'm not sure how much it actually got driven. I have a short commute, so it doesn't allow me much time to rev, so I think I need to take it out for longer drives now and then to give it some rev's. Useful threads to include as well! Really appreciate the info, and beautiful car--nothing sounds like this engine when driven with vigour :-).
  • Steve B
    Steve B 7 місяців тому @BuzzytheBlue Thanks, it absolutely is gorgeous, a unicorn (also APR Stage 2 and Milltek). Just got back from a drive, thanks for the inspiration :-). I'll keep an eye on your channel, please keep the content coming!
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 7 місяців тому Thank you, Steve! Enjoy your S8, that’s extremely low mileage, must be a beautiful car.
  • Walla
    Walla 2 тижні тому a car where you are recommended to red line it once per drive?? fk yea im in!!!
  • JSlice1026
    JSlice1026 4 місяці тому a 35-50 dollar oil catch can kit is all you need to fix carbon build up. i have a passat with an fsi engine, and ive never had to worry about the carbon build up problem on the intake valves, as long as i had the catch can installed
  • Eugenio Rodriguez
    Eugenio Rodriguez 2 місяці тому I love you for this video. I have an A6 C6 and I’m come a cross these problems which I been able to fix since I been working on cars since single digits. Thanks for the confirmation
  • youtoobe169
    youtoobe169 1 місяць тому Very helpful video! Thanks for posting. I am about to go check one of these out.
  • john sun
    john sun 2 місяці тому Audi S6 V10 theme song must be ''Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby''
  • zorky101
    zorky101 1 місяць тому I just happened upon this video as I was looking for information on issues that these cars have. I know the 4.2l V8 cars have their tensioner, chain, chain-guide issues so I figured this car wouldn't be any different. My father wants a cool, non-flashy car with some power to drive daily and the S6 fits his needs and wants. The newer ones are either trashed or they're still super expensive. I think your video convinced me to find him a clean C6 S6. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this video for us looking for these niche cars.
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 1 місяць тому I’m really glad that it helped you. Hope you guys enjoy your S6, just be very picky about the one decide on! Better to wait and find an extremely well maintained car.
  • chris potoczny
    chris potoczny 1 місяць тому thats a graet info thank you can you do one on the 2014 S6 thank you
  • Steven Philips
    Steven Philips 5 місяців тому Thank you this helped me out.
  • Raphael Francis
    Raphael Francis 1 місяць тому No nonsense. I like you. Subscribed.
  • Dave Bosmans
    Dave Bosmans 2 місяці тому Came here straight after hearing the new S6 (C8) has a V6. It's a sad time we're living in.
  • sammesaken32
    sammesaken32 3 тижні тому Lol, the new S6 in europe has a diesel lol.
  • 911DubM3
    911DubM3 7 місяців тому Buzzy! Amazing video once again - love your approach and quality of content. Very informative. If you ever want to come down to Philly you are welcome to review any of my machines - I think you’d enjoy the differences between them... 1. Track prepped Z4 MCoupe 2. Spec e36 M3 3. VW 1.8T GLI 4. 911 997 TT 5. Cayenne 957 TT
  • 911DubM3
    911DubM3 7 місяців тому Awesome - lets try to touch base in the spring. Cars are getting ready to hibernate for winter :)@BuzzytheBlue
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 7 місяців тому Thank you man I really appreciate that. Next year I may really consider taking you up on that offer, that’s quite the line up and would make for a great set of videos. Thanks again.
  • Ahmad Talat
    Ahmad Talat 7 місяців тому Love it.
  • DAmerica
    DAmerica 3 місяці тому You have no idea about FSI engines. There is NO fuel being sprayed on the top of the valves. Hence DIRECT INJECTION. Please learn the basics before posing as a subject matter expert.
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 3 місяці тому (змінено) Thank you for the comment, had you scrolled another inch you may have noticed I’ve already pinned one with the correction. Also, I’d love for you to point out where I proclaim myself a “subject matter expert” as you describe. Please have a wonderful day.
  • Beard3dBrutha
    Beard3dBrutha 7 місяців тому Solid info
  • Mohamed Hallani
    Mohamed Hallani 5 місяців тому Nice video, however your theory of carbon build up is incorrect. Instead of the strength of the fuel spray causing/removing carbon build up, it is actually temperatures that either allow for or reduce oxidation of the carbon. I'd recommend watching engineering explained latest video about carbon build up. Otherwise, great video!
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 5 місяців тому Already have a comment pinned with that correction haha. Thanks for watching and for pointing that out.
  • Jochem
    Jochem 5 місяців тому Are the issues similar to those on the B7 RS4, sans the auto/manual difference of course.
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 5 місяців тому Jochem Very different cars, you really can’t go wrong with either one. Although, at least in my market, the RS4 has held its value far better, whereas the S6 can be had for substantially less money. Dollar for dollar the RS4 is the better driving car but the S6 has the nicer interior, more space, and V10 bragging rights.
  • Jochem
    Jochem 5 місяців тому @BuzzytheBlue Thanks for your answer! I'm a little torn between the two. I like the smaller, lighter, more nible RS4 for driving on mountain roads, but I like the boot space in the S6 Avant for throwing in a bicycle..
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 5 місяців тому I’m not sure if the RS4 has the manifold failures, but as far as the carbon buildup and general upkeep goes they are quite similar. The 5.2 and 4.2 are quite closely related.
  • TM
    TM 4 місяці тому The video could be good if you correct the reason for this engine to get carbon deposits. This is very important to know about this car.
  • BuzzytheBlue
    BuzzytheBlue 4 місяці тому It’s already a pinned comment. Thanks.