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How to Install an RS4 Style Grille on a B8.5 Audi S4

Published on Apr 25, 2018 92,300 views
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In this video we show you how to install a grille on a B8.5 Audi S4. This install would be very similar on a B8.5 Audi A4 as well. We chose to install the RS4 style grille as the part used is an affordable and popular choice from many enthusiast in the Audi community.

Links Talked about in video

Audi RS4 Style Grille Installed in this Video

OEM B8.5 Audi S4 Black Optics Grille

OEM B8.5 S4 Audi Rings Front Grille Logo

DAP Magnetic Bolt Tray

Radiator Support Trim Cover Clip

Fender Liner Clip


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  • TheZane03
    TheZane03 1 рік тому That looks like a headache
  • Ermos Cimpoesu
    Ermos Cimpoesu 4 місяці тому Not bad but with the audi logo and a quattro lettering would look a lot better
  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia 5 місяців тому Hello Paul... Can you make a video on how to bleed the coolant im the s4 b8.5? Im planning on upgrading the heat exchanger in my car. Thank you very much...
  • son goku
    son goku 1 місяць тому hey Paul... can you do one?
  • Gilberto Palacios
    Gilberto Palacios 2 місяці тому You MUST remove the two forward\outer most belly pan screws in order to drop the bumper. Just FYI guys.
  • John Schauder
    John Schauder 4 місяці тому Remember how easy it was to swap grills on the B5 Audi’s?
  • akash minhas
    akash minhas 1 рік тому Can you do rs3 style on s3 8v?
  • Andree H.
    Andree H. 2 тижні тому Could u send me ur old s4 grille?
  • Kenia Vargas
    Kenia Vargas 1 тиждень тому Very helpful I wish I could do it myself but I know I’m gonna have to pay
  • tom thompson
    tom thompson 1 місяць тому buy a trim tool , they are about 5 bucks ,, two screwdrivers on a how to video is all a bit kerbside motors
  • pswienton
    pswienton 6 місяців тому Any idea if the chrome surround is replaceable or do I need to get a new grill. Chrome sticker is starting to 'crinkle ' on the chrome surround.
  • docsbuying
    docsbuying 5 днів тому Well , I was going to do it myself but now ? Hell no !
  • Need for Speed Passion
    Need for Speed Passion 10 місяців тому Don’t understand why they are so expensive.Its just plastic 🤔
  • Billy Severt
    Billy Severt 9 місяців тому OEM grille looks better unless you have a black car imo...
  • scalways
    scalways 4 місяці тому Can you give a linm to that grill? The one on you site is different
  • The King Of Lions
    The King Of Lions 7 місяців тому (змінено) Just posted my front grill and foglight install. Def could use a camera mount to make filming while doing the job alot better. Any feedback would be appreciated thanks again for your great videos. Huge help on any projects ive done and plan to tackle. Thanks DAP!
  • Jonathan Uriarte
    Jonathan Uriarte 1 рік тому Sweet !! Love these vids
  • cris boss
    cris boss 7 місяців тому stupid comments below grill looks amazing once audi logo is on and number plate
  • Ernie Santamaria
    Ernie Santamaria 1 рік тому Jesus first step and he doesn't know how those clips work... You push down in a center gently and come right out!!!
  • jiabao huang
    jiabao huang 1 рік тому Do you guys just sell the Bracket with Mountings for Front Audi Logo ? Thanks
  • Romario Smith
    Romario Smith 1 рік тому I'm glad you guys started this build. I'm moving from a GTI to an S4 right now. Even though I wanted the S5 V8 of course not quite as affordable at the moment.
  • Romario Smith
    Romario Smith 1 рік тому Evan Gonzalez adding a supercharger to s5 along with jhm headers... I doubt the v6 could match me.
  • Sir SchmittyX
    Sir SchmittyX 1 рік тому You'll be happier with the V6. Better for everyday driving and much faster plus a bit better fuel economy. Still sounds great too. Check out AWE for exhaust.
  • Alex Gunner
    Alex Gunner 1 рік тому Romario Smith v8 = sound, bad power, shit mpg