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Why This Audi R8 Is A Bugatti DESTROYER! | First Drive

Published on Jul 11, 2019 143,222 views
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Why This Audi R8 Is A Bugatti DESTROYER! | First Drive


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  • MaxSpeed
    MaxSpeed 1 тиждень тому Seems like 1000 horsepower is standard on YouTube lol
  • MIke M
    MIke M 1 тиждень тому This is a modded R8 dude, this kind of stuff has never been done before. sarcasm
  • A B
    A B 1 тиждень тому I'm surprised Sheikh TGE, hasn't got this
  • Mark Oneill
    Mark Oneill 1 тиждень тому No he probs has 4
  • Mathew Wade
    Mathew Wade 1 тиждень тому Craziest R8 you will ever see??? 800bhp is nothing for these cars. UGR R8 well over 2000bhp just to name one
  • Mathew Wade
    Mathew Wade 5 днів тому @B.stecher some of the UGR cars are road legal?
  • B.stecher
    B.stecher 5 днів тому And not roadlegal
  • Carrl McCann
    Carrl McCann 1 тиждень тому 800hp is a hell of a lot on main roads 😂
  • Mathew Wade
    Mathew Wade 1 тиждень тому I keep having a cheeky look on there page at the ones for sale! Would love to get one over here! Archie would explode
  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 1 тиждень тому Mathew Wade -yeah, they're stark raving bonkers over at UGR. And you'd have to be bonkers to drive one of their cars. I don't think I have enough sack!! YIKES!!😲😲😲😲
  • Mathew Wade
    Mathew Wade 1 тиждень тому @xl_veralx 53-0 i knew it was over 2000bhp as I mentioned. Just couldn't remember exactly how much when I first commented on the video
  • xl_veralx 53-0
    xl_veralx 53-0 1 тиждень тому Mathew Wade ugr r8 has 3500 crank with 2500whp+
  • Matt Leistner
    Matt Leistner 1 тиждень тому There are some R8 with more than 1000 hp in Germany - absolutely chaos!😄
  • YxxsZ
    YxxsZ 1 тиждень тому Wir haben in DE nen Gallardo mit 2600ps😂
  • MIke M
    MIke M 1 тиждень тому There are 1000HP everything running around the world.
  • Dan Hall
    Dan Hall 1 тиждень тому Matt Leistner there’s some close to 3k in America 😂
  • Muhammad Arfan
    Muhammad Arfan 1 тиждень тому I think they are all turboed v10s?
  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 1 тиждень тому But this one was a spyder
  • kanervatie
    kanervatie 1 тиждень тому Love those videos too. You know what I'm talking about! :)
  • Easty027
    Easty027 1 тиждень тому 240mph with standard tyres and a soft top roof ! - what can go wrong ?
    KING TDI 3 дні тому @Ben just not worth it bro, wish we had the autobahn here, the UK laws are just bullshit tbh - i.e you're allowed to smoke at 16 but can't buy cigarettes until you're 18, and if an 18 year old buys a 16 year old cigarettes they've broken the law, so how does the 16 year old get cigarettes? Lol what a joke
  • Ben
    Ben 3 дні тому Yeah when I get to 130 in the m6 I start getting paranoid and just think that’s my licence gone!
    KING TDI 1 тиждень тому Let's be honest, noone with more than half a brain will exceed 130mph on UK roads
  • Roger K
    Roger K 1 тиждень тому (змінено) 0-60mph in 2.2s Top speed 240mph 1/4 mile 10s🤔🤔 Those numbers don’t add up lmao
  • Joel Berdat
    Joel Berdat 1 тиждень тому Nobody: Literally Nobody: Archie: R8 is faster than a Bugatti.
  • Ed Haskell
    Ed Haskell 1 тиждень тому Next video: Archie buys supercharged r8!
  • Gregory George
    Gregory George 1 тиждень тому Ed Haskell 😂😂
  • Tunes4Life
    Tunes4Life 1 тиждень тому Shows how young ish you are when you ignore a Spyker C8 roadster!
  • Baboosh Animation
    Baboosh Animation 1 тиждень тому Well if we're being picky it's an LM85 C8 laviolette which were coupes. The roof is actually glass.
  • Justin Isaacs
    Justin Isaacs 1 тиждень тому Total chaos. Redline just down the road for me. Always like to have a sneaky peek.
  • PandaGains
    PandaGains 1 тиждень тому You a fellow KragRat too? 😋👌
  • Kieran Scrutton
    Kieran Scrutton 3 дні тому Oakley Designs old car 👌🏻 proper beast
  • Derek K
    Derek K 1 тиждень тому (змінено) That guy is clueless saying this R8 is faster then Bugatti or 918 . VF supercharged R8s are slow , barely quicker in 1/4 mile then stock R8s
  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 6 днів тому Why did you skip the Spyker? Mr Hamilton you complete plebend!
  • Yahya Akoodie
    Yahya Akoodie 6 днів тому (змінено) Sheepey race is building a badass R8 V10+... its gonna comp with tge ugr guys... argie should ride with in the DDE TT HURICAN...😂😂
  • #Ahmad Shamil Syawal#
    #Ahmad Shamil Syawal# 1 тиждень тому Me one of your fans form Malaysia.. Great video👍👍👍
  • Gerald Holley
    Gerald Holley 3 дні тому The best kept secret is the supercharger kit for the R8's beautifully engineered tales one of the all time greatest engines and transpose it into something off another planet. You can pick up a non V10 coupe on 65 plate for a great price now 70k and for less than 30k ( I was told you can get it fitted for 20) you get a supercharger fitted and a car that is almost uncatchable. Why Audi didn't do it is unfathomable
  • Jack Naylor
    Jack Naylor 1 тиждень тому you should drive more cars like this with dean
  • den walter
    den walter 1 тиждень тому Stock 720s can beat it easily
  • Crab Burger
    Crab Burger 6 днів тому You just went well over the speed limit lad you're nicked!!!!!
  • Maxwell Njabulo
    Maxwell Njabulo 1 тиждень тому Stop assuming that it's faster than all the above mentioned cars. We want to see it to believe it,so set up a drag race simple as that!