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Real Road Test: 1967 Audi 80 Variant! (not DKW)

Published on Jun 11, 2019 32,476 views
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An interesting bit of history as I drive an Audi 80 Variant station wagon - a car developed by DKW, with an engine by Mercedes-Benz, sold by Volkswagen! The Audi 80 is front-wheel drive, with the engine slung way ahead of the front wheels. This one has a column gearchange too! Many thanks to Volkswagen UK.

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  • Nik Evans
    Nik Evans 1 тиждень тому (змінено) I bet the number of A holes driving AUDI`s in the 60s were considerably less that today, even taking into account inflation!! ;) lol
  • Eric Dowds
    Eric Dowds 1 тиждень тому How dare you !,,lol,l
  • yossarian
    yossarian 1 тиждень тому I don't think A holes really started driving Audis in significant numbers until the 90s! Before then Audis seemed to be quite understated cars mainly driven by sensible people.
  • r4mbo67
    r4mbo67 1 тиждень тому An unconventional AUDI driver ...... you were using your indicators , not lane hogging , not tailgating and showing due regard for other road users ( the horse thing ) ..... many many Audi clubs will be banning you from their forums and no doubt putting a Hex on you ! You're a disgrace to Audi drivers across the land HunNut ....... have you considered a BMW for next vid ? 🤣😂🤣👍
  • Badgertronix
    Badgertronix 1 тиждень тому Audi drivers became numpties when they stopped making 5 cylinder engines.
  • Will Tricks
    Will Tricks 1 тиждень тому @Gary Simpson Audi drivers, trying to outdo BMW drivers on the "Clown scale". So not only me who noticed.
  • Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson 1 тиждень тому Das HubNut?
  • Daoud Fakhri
    Daoud Fakhri 1 тиждень тому HunNut. HubNut's German cousin.
  • Vincent Dubois
    Vincent Dubois 1 тиждень тому I agree with you. Most of german car brands drivers have no respect for all the other road users (motorists, cyclists,pedestrians...). BMW drivers are the worst. Almost all of them are scornfull A holes with oversized ego. Always beware when you see a BMW on the road.
  • Grenville Phillips
    Grenville Phillips 1 тиждень тому I couldn't help notice that the Volkswagen car park is designed to European standards, which makes it a lot easier to get in than get out.
  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis 1 тиждень тому I drove a Rover Vitesse though a hedge once because I couldn't find the exit to the car park. It was after my father's wake and several bottles of red. Having arrived home after a lot of Sweeney style driving I remembered my Nan & her husband were in the back.
  • paul joe
    paul joe 1 тиждень тому EEEE!!! You!!!
  • Tim Button
    Tim Button 1 тиждень тому Nice video of what was an expensive high powered car back in the day! Back then nobody bothered wearing a sear belt, so the h/brake & g/change would have been less of an issue.
  • Jurassic Coast Comics
    Jurassic Coast Comics 1 тиждень тому Great video dude! Ironic that modern German cars are so inflated and big, yet American cars are now influenced in euro/Korean design Also it should be illegal for all modern car's not to come with chrome.
  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis 1 тиждень тому Difference is what makes it interesting.
  • blokeyface
    blokeyface 1 тиждень тому I bet nobody thought in 1967 someone would be sitting in this car in 2019 using a smartphone! It's just so weird.
  • Howard Le Vert
    Howard Le Vert 1 тиждень тому (змінено) I know I tend to compare things to my first love, but I think the Renault 16 really got the layout right putting the engine behind the front wheels and yes, a much better gearchange. But that said... it's a lovely-looking car. I really used to like the styling of these older Audis from the late 60s/early 70s, the (F104) 100 being my favourite (especially the Coupé S)
  • John
    John 1 тиждень тому DKW = Dampf Kraft Wagen meaning steam powered car. Another version was Das Kleine Wunder meaning that small wonder
  • Hugo Deckers
    Hugo Deckers 1 тиждень тому In Dutch... Dat Kreng Weigert.... (=the thing won't work...)
  • Ragnar8504
    Ragnar8504 1 тиждень тому Or the joke "Deutsche Kinderwagen" (German prams).
  • Keith Warner
    Keith Warner 1 тиждень тому What were those flashing lights at the end? Never seen those before on an Audi
  • Keith Warner
    Keith Warner 1 тиждень тому Paul Francis you didn't get the joke there did you? Lots of other comments mention the same thing,in the UK Audi drivers(other big German cars with the same problem are available) rarely if ever use indicators,they just barge into spaces and generally drive like dicks
  • Paul Francis
    Paul Francis 1 тиждень тому Indicators, or turn signals.
  • The Mechanic
    The Mechanic 1 тиждень тому Ooo the Uncle owned F102 ( two stroke) and did buy a Super 90 in 1969. When I was a little boy...i may hold the wheel when go for a drive. ( yeah...the '60s, safety wasn't the first concern of ppl😜). No speed limits...and a lot of fun, when overtaking the Beetles- 2Cv etc....( I know....but who cares when your young.😜😜😜😜)
  • Sam Tait
    Sam Tait 1 тиждень тому My mum has said her Indian friends call Audi’s the “4 bangles car”
  • J.P. Craven
    J.P. Craven 1 тиждень тому DKW = Dampf-Kraft-Wagen. Audi being the latin word for "Horch" (engl.: "Listen Up!"), which was the founder's name, August Horch. Horch built luxury automobiles in the 30's, whereas Wanderer and DKW were the bread-and-butter cars, if there was such a thing in the 30's - DKW and Wanderer had their big time during the 50's, as far as I remember. In fact NSU - the fourth ring - were bought by Auto Union, so the Ro80 perfectly fits into the family
  • John Miller
    John Miller 20 годин тому @v0lterra the board of directors of Horch told August Horch he could not use his own name for a car again. Audi and Horch actually translate to the same thing from Latin and German
  • v0lterra
    v0lterra 21 годину тому There's a story that, when Horch split away from the company he founded, and had to leave his name with the company as goodwill, he was sitting with a new business associate, whose son was working in the same room doing his Latin homework. When the two men were discussing what to call the new venture, the boy piped up and said "Sir, you could call it the Latin word for Horch" which was, as mentioned above, Audi. One of the most prestigious car brands was, therefore, named by a schoolboy doing his Latin homework.
  • J.P. Craven
    J.P. Craven 3 дні тому @Ron Onderweg : GMC = Gay Man's Contraption
  • John Miller
    John Miller 3 дні тому August Horch also founded Audi after leaving his namesakes company after an argument with the board of directors
  • Ron Onderweg
    Ron Onderweg 1 тиждень тому @John Molloy Deutsche Kinder Wagen!
  • John Molloy
    John Molloy 1 тиждень тому I knew DKW from their motorcycles. I always thought it stood for Das Kleine Wunder!
  • TheMickvee
    TheMickvee 1 тиждень тому Looking forward to the Ro80 drive! My mate's dad had one in the early 70s and I can remember it being very advanced.
  • jfv65
    jfv65 1 тиждень тому Both these cars were not really hubnut class but rather upper middle class, specially the RO80
  • Paul Standeven
    Paul Standeven 1 тиждень тому That NSU is the Ro80, if you don't mind
  • Juri Vlk
    Juri Vlk 1 тиждень тому You must pull some lamb-wool seat covers over the vinyl!
  • Ally Morrison
    Ally Morrison 1 тиждень тому All ergonomic foibles aside it really is a pretty design, inside and out... I don't think the word 'ergonomics' could have existed at the time this car was developed. Quite shocking! 😄.... Sad that modern Audis are now widely accepted as only being driven by twats.
  • Matt Renter
    Matt Renter 1 тиждень тому What a lovely looking Audi. Clap hand wipers ftw! I used to love them on the old Mercs.
  • Juri Vlk
    Juri Vlk 1 тиждень тому Had a 1974 Audi 80 and it was quite powerful. The initial low weight got furtherly diminished by the parts rusting away. There was a nice Aud 100 coupé.
  • Schlipperschlopper
    Schlipperschlopper 5 днів тому (змінено) This Audi F103 series had a Mercedes Benz petrol engine (intended for use in a Mercedes 4x4 car before the G Class but then dropped and sold to Audi/DKW), it was DKW/Audi´s first watercooled 4 stroke engine. The so called "Mitteldruckmotor". (Very high compression petrol engine) The 2 Stroke version of this Audi (called F102) was not bad either, it was very close to the east german Wartburg / Knight 353W.
  • Luke Mallory
    Luke Mallory 1 тиждень тому I didn't know Merc owned Auto Union! Learn something new every day. The interior reminds me quite a lot of a Daf 66 in terms of materials and general design.
  • John Miller
    John Miller 3 дні тому They did from 1958 till they sold them to Volkswagen in 1965