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2019 Audi RS3 Sportback & RS3 Saloon | June PDI Centre Tour | Stable Lease

Published on Jul 11, 2019 1,181 views
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The 2019 Audi RS3 Sportback & the RS3 Saloon... not a bad turnout for Stable Dave's June PDI Centre Tour!

It's been out of action for a while, so to come across a brand new RS3 Sportback, as well as a RS3 Saloon was a very nice surprise!

We were pleased to come across some other gems here, such as the VW Golf R, a very wide range of the VW Golf GTI, and even the Tumeric Yellow VW Arteon!

There was a large turnout for the Golf GTI and for good reason, it's a popular model! Don't forget to join in and let us know what colour you'd go for if a VW Golf GTI was on your driveway! Pure White? Indium Grey? Tornado Red?

What do you think of the RS3 Saloon? Has it been specced up correctly? What about the RS3 Sportback? Would you change the alloys? Let us know!


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  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 5 днів тому Hope you enjoy this one guys! Safe to say this was a pretty successful PDI Tour! Fancy browsing the RS3 Sportback? >
  • Mark Newman
    Mark Newman 5 днів тому Just sold my Golf R, 3 of us bought them new, other 2 were stolen (broke into their houses at night while they were sleeping), I felt "vulnerable" owning the car and my wife wanted it gone.............The new Touareg will not be stolen........I hope.
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 23 години тому 😂😂😂
  • rory macpherson
    rory macpherson 4 дні тому Stable Lease steering lock. Tracker. Ghost alarm. And a kitchen knife next to the bed. I call it the golf r owners kit.
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 5 днів тому Sorry to hear that! It's really disheartening that we now have to consider that when it comes to the sport models. For what it's worth you have our sympathies! On the bright side though you'll definitely love the Touareg it's an absolute beast!
  • UberDump
    UberDump 5 днів тому When are you stocking the Tesla Model 3 Performance?
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 5 днів тому Tesla isn't a model we deal in unfortunately so it isn't within our reach!
  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson 5 днів тому Bardo Grey RS3 looked plain, dull. Merc AMG A35/ A45s getting the all the attention now. They move the interior game on a notch.. Personally I like VAG group cars , and especially the R and RS motors.
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 5 днів тому What colour would you go for on the RS3?
  • Matthew Healey
    Matthew Healey 1 день тому Spot on with the gtd comment Dave. I drive up to Edinburgh from south Manchester regularly to see the GF and with the ACC set to 74/76 on the m61/m6/a74m I get 58-59mpg all the time. That’s in individual with the ACC set to sport for overtaking lorries. Love it
  • Matthew Healey
    Matthew Healey 1 день тому Stable Lease wish it had a little bit more power but it’s got tons of grunt in sport. Love it. I’d definitely consider another even the estate
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 1 день тому Such a great all-rounder isn't it!
  • dlite1972
    dlite1972 5 днів тому Rs3 sportback is better, but not on this occasion. The wheels are a major let down.
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 5 днів тому Agree, the alloys do need updating and red brake callipers!
  • SmithyBeats
    SmithyBeats 4 дні тому what kind of credit score or rating to do have to have to order a lease?
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 2 дні тому The finance companies would like you to have a good-great credit score really!
  • peter smart
    peter smart 4 дні тому Isn’t the RS3 the new Sport edition?
  • Audi RS
    Audi RS 5 днів тому They sound rubbish compared to pre Opf cars
  • Abdul Quddus
    Abdul Quddus 5 днів тому 1:33 don’t like those wheel tbh on rs3
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 5 днів тому @Abdul Quddus We do prefer upgraded alloys definitely!
  • Abdul Quddus
    Abdul Quddus 5 днів тому Seems you guys don’t like them aswll 😂😂😂😂
  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson 5 днів тому Saloon
  • Stable Lease
    Stable Lease 5 днів тому Good choice!