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AUDI R8 JET SPOILER (Roblox Jailbreak ROAD to 50)

Published on Jul 10, 2019 61,388 views
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Welcome to my show called, "Roblox Jailbreak ROAD to 50!" It is a show where I play Roblox Jailbreak everyday to level up to the max level in Season 3. I've never leveled up to 50 so this will be first time trying to attempt this task. Today, a firefighter tries to stop us from going anywhere and we try to stop him. We get to level 11 today. Only 39 more levels to go!

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  • No_drama_llama _
    No_drama_llama _ 6 днів тому (змінено) Hey safe givers stop giving the safes to Chris and start giveing them the Ashley hehe your welcome Chris Omg thanks for 29 likes
  • Emmett Lott
    Emmett Lott 5 днів тому you got a shotout
  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 6 днів тому @juanillo1324 Yup
  • bbg._GamerKing
    bbg._GamerKing 6 днів тому @lonely human yasss
  • lonely human
    lonely human 6 днів тому Give safes to ashlayyyyyy
  • bbg._GamerKing
    bbg._GamerKing 6 днів тому @juanillo1324 ik let's get to 6000."road to 6000"
  • juanillo1324
    juanillo1324 6 днів тому Lol but ashley might get like 60,873 safes
  • bbg._GamerKing
    bbg._GamerKing 6 днів тому @Darcell Leigh safes to Ashley on roblox jailbreak
  • Darcell Leigh
    Darcell Leigh 6 днів тому giving*
  • bbg._GamerKing
    bbg._GamerKing 6 днів тому Road to 6000 safes
  • bbg._GamerKing
    bbg._GamerKing 6 днів тому OK heheehe bet
    TYRIKMWATSON GAMING 6 днів тому how did you don't laggy on jailbreak like so perfect?
    TYRIKMWATSON GAMING 3 дні тому @Poof McPoof oh ok, cool
  • Poof McPoof
    Poof McPoof 3 дні тому I don't lag either on max settings.Just get a better PC
  • bbg._GamerKing
    bbg._GamerKing 6 днів тому (змінено) Chris and Ashley y'all should use jetpacks on ur vids Cus u can use them to fly out of the exploded museum roof.which makes it wayyy easier to rob the museum.PS:It looks really cool.and u can fly away from cops easier.and snipe them from roof tops xD
  • James Moore
    James Moore 6 днів тому that guy who killed u of the diamond he was so rude to the best and my fav youtubers ever
  • Wolfgirl 12811
    Wolfgirl 12811 6 днів тому that was halarious chris:let’s go blow up he’s truck Ashley:ya! Let’s go burn em! Lol
  • gian3730 gian3730
    gian3730 gian3730 6 днів тому Wolfgirl 12811 his*
  • Emma Khamarji
    Emma Khamarji 3 дні тому btw stop giving safes to cris and ash for ever safe givers
  • Emma Khamarji
    Emma Khamarji 3 дні тому yeet i subscribed i am big fan
  • teaminstinctfoxy teaminstinct
    teaminstinctfoxy teaminstinct 6 днів тому That's how the Russians from Stranger Things season 3 say crashnation
  • Henry Wilson
    Henry Wilson 6 днів тому 1 like equals 1 prayer for chris for the audi R8
  • Braxton games
    Braxton games 6 днів тому You know u don't have to rob the stores fuly u get the same amount of experience
  • ItsMeZariah !
    ItsMeZariah ! 6 днів тому 39 more videos to go or less well see😏😉
  • Francisco Hermandez
    Francisco Hermandez 6 днів тому He has done a hole in one in a old vid probably trim squad idk I forgot
  • Japoy Wycoco
    Japoy Wycoco 4 дні тому Hey chris can you please accept my friend request
  • Japoy Wycoco
    Japoy Wycoco 4 дні тому My name is stephen122710 in roblox
  • Natalia Maxwell
    Natalia Maxwell 3 дні тому love you so much to the bottom of my Hart as always peace
  • Glenn Chisholm
    Glenn Chisholm 5 днів тому Once I teamed with two people that had this car I got bounty of 12000 before I died (True story)
  • Poof McPoof
    Poof McPoof 3 дні тому I got a bounty of 16 k
  • Giannis Samentzas
    Giannis Samentzas 6 днів тому Who Loves Jailbreak Vs Mad City
  • Adam & Maysam
    Adam & Maysam 6 днів тому jailbreak is the best!
  • genisisvaltry theking
    genisisvaltry theking 6 днів тому Jailbreak is more advanced so please stop doing these "jailbreak vs mad city" comments
  • Alex Popa
    Alex Popa 6 днів тому Jailbreak.
  • Faidha Hussain
    Faidha Hussain 6 днів тому MAD CITY IS BETTER
  • Sam Ali
    Sam Ali 6 днів тому I love both
  • Mohamed Khalid Moody
    Mohamed Khalid Moody 6 днів тому Jail brake better
  • Iba Thiam
    Iba Thiam 6 днів тому Giannis Samentzas JailBreak is better
  • jakesha
    jakesha 3 дні тому I join yes so you know im a boy the pic mY mom
  • Eloisa Banal
    Eloisa Banal 1 день тому I like your Bugatti and lambo
  • Brandy Xx
    Brandy Xx 5 днів тому Hey Chris I would love if u could do some more of the “tron bike dream team” with u ash lacy and Mr clink