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Infotainment Comparison | Audi MMI vs Mercedes Benz MBUX |

Published on Jun 12, 2019 3,821 views
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Do you prefer a perfected version of infotainment we know well, or the latest-and-greatest in voice recognition? This time, we completely forgot about the cars and instead, we put their touchscreens to the test — specifically, Mercedes' newest MBUX infotainment system against Audi's revamped MMI.

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  • Stanislav Nachev
    Stanislav Nachev 1 тиждень тому "Remember Blackberries?" a millennial reminds of himself
  • CNX Expat
    CNX Expat 1 тиждень тому Nice review. Some points from me. If people rent a car for a weekend, they better take the Audi. If they try to understand the Mercedes system, the renting time is near over. I don´t like the free standing screen. Yes, you can do a LOT with the MBUX - but for what? How often will you use it. You choose the color one time, usually you drive to work and back and to the next shopping place and back. You know the ways. Also I prefer simple buttons for the things I use most. So if I hear radio and want to change the temperature, I don´t want to search the way on the screen. I want to press or turn something and it´s done. I guess that´s also more safe while driving.