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Audi A8 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

Published on Jun 29, 2018 2,115,131 views
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This is the new Audi A8. In the same vein as the likes of the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series, the Audi A8 is a personal luxury limousine that aims to deliver luxury and quality wherever you turn. But when the competition is so good, does the Audi have what it takes to keep up? Watch my latest review to find out!

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  • kiff AA
    kiff AA 1 рік тому Guess its time for a new "Transporter" movie
  • toyradish1
    toyradish1 2 місяці тому I think you mean Ronin since that was the famous S8 car chase and didnt star a twat.
  • 456 546465
    456 546465 2 місяці тому Hha that would be awesome
  • Luxus Häuser
    Luxus Häuser 2 місяці тому No mention of anti-theft features. Disappointing.
  • ThePurpleViking
    ThePurpleViking 3 місяці тому Samsung Galaxy S7 I just watched Doug demeros review of that car
  • Buttered Tats
    Buttered Tats 4 місяці тому Film
  • rossie sunny
    rossie sunny 4 місяці тому haha..right..
  • Ryan Pham
    Ryan Pham 6 місяців тому Switch between both? Let's hope, if that'll give the first movie a nod.
  • Snipe Hypes
    Snipe Hypes 8 місяців тому Exactly what I was thinking
  • Shamsu Deen
    Shamsu Deen 8 місяців тому 😂😂😂
  • William George
    William George 1 рік тому Hopefully by Jason Statham not so bollock
  • Vanessa Oelmann
    Vanessa Oelmann 1 рік тому exactly my thought lol
  • Swenson Automotive
    Swenson Automotive 2 місяці тому People in 1980: By 2020 we will have flying cars! Audi in 2019: Tv’s and a foot massager take it or leave it
  • Phasent
    Phasent 3 тижні тому @Artur Eff do you get a happy ending aswell?
  • Artur Eff
    Artur Eff 1 місяць тому they should go for a thai massage….
  • Mai ek angel hu aur main aasman se aaya hu
    Mai ek angel hu aur main aasman se aaya hu 1 місяць тому We already have flying cars. Go Google it.
  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 1 місяць тому Skythe helicopters have existed since 1942
  • Skythe
    Skythe 1 місяць тому we got flying cars, they're called helicopters
  • personface1
    personface1 1 місяць тому Lol
  • matt ._. magiczny
    matt ._. magiczny 3 місяці тому I give this car 999/1000 1 point for fake exhaust
  • András Pajor dr.
    András Pajor dr. 3 місяці тому i shortlist my salary for the rest of my life and then i might buy a door handle of this car! 😂😂😂 greetings from Hungary 😉
    JB HORIZON 1 тиждень тому András Pajor dr. move to uk
  • kis attila
    kis attila 1 місяць тому Mi a munkád?
    KING TDI 1 рік тому @8:35 lazyyyy 😂
  • harmony and symphony Dotson Travis
    harmony and symphony Dotson Travis 2 місяці тому Fghjhjji Bright cut
  • Digi tal
    Digi tal 5 місяців тому It's interesting that all modern luxury assumes rich are lazy and weak.
  • Viraj
    Viraj 6 місяців тому BEARD GANG!! That was cute lol
  • Reveal Media
    Reveal Media 1 рік тому If Matt ever become a country's leader, his first action would be "banning" the fake exhaust :D
  • Chris Gouidas
    Chris Gouidas 2 місяці тому Amen
  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 5 місяців тому @Mikey Johnson Trump is a true Leader, you are just a peasant
  • Imperial Diecast
    Imperial Diecast 10 місяців тому MAGA = Make Automobiles Great Again!
  • Tygo van Baak
    Tygo van Baak 10 місяців тому Best leader ever!!
  • azalru
    azalru 1 рік тому If you want your product to be a modern luxury car, it wouldn't have a offensive toxic exhaust in the first place, otherwise it's a fossil carriage for the chimney sweepers.
  • AWC
    AWC 1 рік тому Nah I think fake intakes would take priority...
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny 1 рік тому 80386 I understand what you wanna say.But in BMW's the sound isn't really fake but they are transfering it from the speakers..Idk i may be wrong maybe the sounds are fake..
  • 80386
    80386 1 рік тому (змінено) we won't really ban them for real, we're just goofing around by saying which car design/tech trends we really dislike. to be fair, I realize that manufacturers have no choice but to use fake engine sounds to cater to the ever increasing schizophrenic demand for sportier cars with dead silent cabins. but it's like food essence; it may smell similar but it's not real.
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny 1 рік тому 80386 Ah,i am so sorry for that man.By the way why should fake exausts and fake engine noise be banned?
  • 80386
    80386 1 рік тому (змінено) ^ you missed my point mate. I specifically said "manual shifting CVT" which is a recent trend in CVTs to include fake 'gear ratios' in them. that misses the whole point of a CVT which is to maximize efficiency. for driving enjoyment and reliability, real manuals are certainly my preferred choice, followed by dual-clutch for top performance.
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny 1 рік тому 80386 No
  • 80386
    80386 1 рік тому (змінено) full touch based UI, fake engine sound through speakers, 'piano black' finish and 'manual shifting' CVTs need to be banned.
  • Vehicle Valhalla
    Vehicle Valhalla 1 рік тому Reveal Media I made a video about cars: What is car platform sharing? Do you like it?
  • Vehicle Valhalla
    Vehicle Valhalla 1 рік тому Reveal Media good one!
  • Mikey Johnson
    Mikey Johnson 1 рік тому Still a better platform than "MAGA".
  • Denuț
    Denuț 1 рік тому Yes mate. The German monster is back!
  • Lax Floop
    Lax Floop 1 місяць тому One of the Best Car Reviewer 🇹🇿
  • Ridzky Asdi
    Ridzky Asdi 5 днів тому paint is a bit dull tho. really ruins black car
  • The Man
    The Man 1 рік тому (змінено) Release the damn twin turbo W12 version already! PS. The Basking Shark comparison was amusing :)
  • Niyaaz Isaacs
    Niyaaz Isaacs 1 рік тому "I've heard quieter vacuum cleaners" - Mat Watson The death of Audi LOL!
  • Kostas S.
    Kostas S. 1 рік тому By far the best luxury saloon. Full of tech and adjustments. And this interior is damn brilliant. Audi's new design is brilliant. Good job
    TDFXX 1 тиждень тому Chris Gouidas Reply to an english comment with that bullshit lmao
  • Chris Gouidas
    Chris Gouidas 2 місяці тому (змінено) Είναι όμορφο. Εξωτερικά και εσωτερικά. Μοναδικό σαλόνι. Αυτό που με ενοχλεί (όχι μόνο στα Audi) είναι η υπέρμετρη χρήση οθονών και αυτοματισμών. Θεωρώ πως το αυτοκίνητο χάνει την αξία του έτσι. Οθόνη στο κέντρο, οθόνη αντί για κοντέρ που κάνει ό,τι και η κεντρική οθόνη, οθόνη για τον κλιματισμό, οθόνη σε κάθε κάθισμα πίσω, οθόνη για να ρυθμίζεις τα φώτα κλπ. Προτιμώ κουμπιά και διακόπτες και μια οθόνη στο κέντρο. Άσε που οι δείκτες στο κοντέρ είναι πιο σπορ. Επίσης είναι ευκολότερο να ρυθμίζεις το ραδιόφωνο ή το κλιματιστικό από τα κουμπιά όταν οδηγείς, αφού το χειρίζεσαι με την αφή και δε χρειάζεται να κοιτάς στην οθόνη
  • Oddreign Odd
    Oddreign Odd 1 місяць тому (змінено) These Carwow videos I think, is wot we need in this post-Top Gear/Grand Tour world. A "motoring show" of sorts that is actually about cars.
  • ignasb
    ignasb 1 рік тому "perfect for hoovering road plankton" 👌👌👌
  • Jara
    Jara 1 рік тому Please do head to head between an s-class, a8 and the 7 series
  • Jiarui Zhang
    Jiarui Zhang 1 місяць тому FixxxeR208 and find out that you can’t close the sunroof lol
  • Gopala Krishnan Govindasamy
  • Vishnu Vr
    Vishnu Vr 2 місяці тому S class, 7 series, a8 and jaguar xj
  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 5 місяців тому @Aamir Bedi yeah we probably got it mixed up a little bit probs have a good one
  • Aamir Bedi
    Aamir Bedi 5 місяців тому (змінено) Paul Goodier not sure if that should be a reply to my comment, anyways I just meant I kinda understand car-design and this thing’s less-about it
  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 5 місяців тому you want me to agree with you ?? or what do you want?
  • Aamir Bedi
    Aamir Bedi 5 місяців тому You can’t compare a piece of granite slab to a car
  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 8 місяців тому @David Topchiev David sorry but your opinion is what it is .....your opinion..... therefore it is subjective.......I agree its a great car but if it was the best on the road then why do they sell other cars?
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 8 місяців тому @Paul Goodier some things are just NOT Subjective Paul. And this is one of them. A car is something I usually need to drive myself to feel if it appeals to me over another car. But, here...u saw it for urself in the last 2min of the video. The verdict that is. It's Not even close! The s63 does Not compete with this car. .... The S8 Does. For those who buy Name because they have a small Dick,. This car won't Do! I test drove this car last week,. And I can tell you that it makes my 2012 s65 feel like a 80's Nissan! I also own a 2009 Bentley Arnage and there was no comparing. The Audi is the finest sedan I've driven. But I'll wait for the 4.0L since the W12 has been discontinued. Go drive it, and get back to me! I always value opinion.
  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 8 місяців тому @David Topchiev somewhat subjective of you David .....but....if I were to buy a luxury car it would be A8 at that price range.....but the S63 is very close.......and the bentley cont?
  • David Topchiev
    David Topchiev 8 місяців тому Potatoe Die+. He already did that and this Car is way more Superior than anything else on the road today!
  • Omar El zayady
    Omar El zayady 9 місяців тому the audi a8 2019 won then s class then bmw 7
  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 9 місяців тому it english humour Zymer sorry but it would be difficult to explain....but briefly I am saying I love it but cannot afford to buy one
  • Zymer Rukolli
    Zymer Rukolli 9 місяців тому A8 won whatu mean
  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 9 місяців тому why not?
  • nikie chilton
    nikie chilton 10 місяців тому Harman Bans uu
  • nikie chilton
    nikie chilton 10 місяців тому Harman Bans would
  • Anuka Dewanga
    Anuka Dewanga 10 місяців тому They just did today with all the new models.
  • thorpep1
    thorpep1 10 місяців тому FixxxeR208 I own a Jaguar and they are terrible, never hated a car sooo much
  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper 1 рік тому Berkules Souza You need to learn that we don't come to YouTube to read your fucking bibles. It's for entertainment and people can want what they want.
  • Yoko Ritona
    Yoko Ritona 1 рік тому nope, lexus cant keep up with german brands. germany owns the best luxury cars and best sport cars.
  • Yoko Ritona
    Yoko Ritona 1 рік тому uhm honey the m5 is faster then the e63s amg and the 7 series is faster then the s-class..
  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 1 рік тому S Class is the absolute best. A8 and 7 Series are extremely good though.
  • Jara
    Jara 1 рік тому guys, chill. nobody needs a drag race between luxury limos but it would be nice to see a normal head to head between them. most ideally it would be made of the new s class, 7 series, new a8, jag xj and the ls 500.
  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 1 рік тому (змінено) Please don't compare any car with Mercedes S! THE BEST OR NOTHING!
  • Anything VID
    Anything VID 1 рік тому Hercules Souza just because mercedes has made a name ,in terms of speed capacity don't think its better than any other car especially than audi and bmw , One thing that mercedes is the best in is ONLY luxury !
  • Chad Nickerson
    Chad Nickerson 1 рік тому Audi s8
  • FixxxeR208
    FixxxeR208 1 рік тому Fuck that. I'd pick the XJ any day of the week.
  • azalru
    azalru 1 рік тому (змінено) Tesla Model 3> over smelly fossil carriages from amish town.
  • armaan iqbal
    armaan iqbal 1 рік тому Hercules Souza dw mate wait for the new rs7 den we'll see, and no one is asking for a drag race😂
  • DailyMeds
    DailyMeds 1 рік тому Vali _Ciocan ur ass
  • Cooper
    Cooper 1 рік тому A8 > 7 > S
  • Maximilian D
    Maximilian D 1 рік тому Vali _Ciocan I think you mean worse
  • Joe Hew
    Joe Hew 1 рік тому 1. Audi A8 2. Mercedes S-Class 3. BMW 7 Series
    KIMOA 1 рік тому Hercules Souza I think you completely misunderstood his comment... Plus I disagree to your comment too...
  • Igie 052
    Igie 052 1 рік тому And the lexus ls
  • Shaunak
    Shaunak 1 рік тому +
  • Vali _Ciocan
    Vali _Ciocan 1 рік тому LS 500 it's better than all.
  • Ian Mush
    Ian Mush 1 рік тому Wouldn’t that be a head to head to head ? 😉😂
  • Hercules Souza
    Hercules Souza 1 рік тому You need to learn that for every line of cars in all brands, there are different proposals, coupe, sedan limousines, roadster, SUV. stop asking drag race between sedans, the proposal of the marks is not to win in the rush, serve for comfort, mercedes is the only brand of sedans limousines that mix things up, they use limousine to even make drag race with coupes and even super sports cars, mercedes will always win against other limos, using the E63S AMG limousine.
  • Jasren Singh
    Jasren Singh 1 рік тому Ya but that was the with the old s-class and the even older a8
  • Harman Bans
    Harman Bans 1 рік тому Potatoe Die they did and the S class won
  • 9strumental
    9strumental 1 рік тому I'm wondering when was this filmed? It's that cold Mat?
  • Joel Favour
    Joel Favour 2 тижні тому Thanks Mat. I prefer the A8 to the S class luxury sedan vehicle. Interior designs quite outstanding here. Like the better soft screen touch tablet controls. I will definetly will choose the 3L v6 diesel engine system. Indeed you said, these cars are cooler than the sport cars. I heard loud & clear.
  • Mystic Gravy
    Mystic Gravy 4 дні тому It feels expensive. It is expensive 😂
  • Paul McNamara
    Paul McNamara 10 місяців тому My dream car Audi simply the best love the 2019 A8
  • Akshay Katoch
    Akshay Katoch 1 рік тому I am very big Audi fan but it's not a TFSI top model